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Jul 18, 2011 8:30pm EDT
>> next the brookings institution forum on congressional redistricting plans that are being considered around the country. u.s. house districts are redrawn every 10 years to reflect population shifts. so far redistricting plans in 15 states have been challenged in court. over the next hour and a half panelist look at redistricting plans in california, florida and texas and how communities are being affected. >> the bewitching hour has arrived. it is 10:00 a.m.. i am tom mann, senior fellow here at workings and i'm delighted to welcome all of you with us here at brookings this morning, and to our lives c-span audience to a session entitled, a status report on congressional redistricting. now, you may have noticed on the screens, who redistricting di. wondering why that is there. we understand some of you are compelled to tweet wherever you are and if you do, we want you to know that is the event hashtag. i know you are shocked that i actually said that, norm, but there it is. >> it was written down for you. [laughter] >> eye in i am the well-known tweeter. six months ago, we
Jul 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
international his u.k. operation and rebecca brooks, a former chief executive of news international. the british media committee is chaired by john whittingdale. >> it was prepared on that basis and we would like the opportunity to make that statement. the committee discussed the earlier. we do have a lot of questions and we hope it will come out during the course of questioning. if that is not the case he can make a statement. can we not have that, please? >> the statement in writing -- >> thank you mr. chairman could we please [inaudible] >> [inaudible conversations] >> we will begin. good afternoon, everybody. this is a special meeting on the select committee. this is a follow-up to the inquiry which the committee held in 2009 on the privacy and level during which we took evidence on the extent of the phone hacking which had taken place. in our report last year we stated we thought it was inconceivable only one reporter had been involved. in the last few weeks it has emerged only evidence has come out which i think was indicated in the conclusion but also abuses revealed to the country is cle
Jul 20, 2011 8:00pm EDT
friday he revealed that since taking office he had met representatives including rebekah brooks and james murdock on 26 separate locations. my question is whether he can assure the house that the bid was not raised at any of those meetings. was there at any time he discussed the bid iwith officias of the culture? >> 10 days ago, the prime minister said i was not given any specific information that would lead you to change my mind. it would have made every effort to uncover the information. they made every effort for the facts. did would surely have led him to change his mind about mr. coulson. all would decline. he was accused of making payments to police. the prime minister did nothing with the information. in may of 2010, he warned the prime minister of bringing him into downing street. he did nothing. on september the fourth 2010, the new york times published an investigation " in most civil -- quoting multiple sources. we know that article is not enough to open their increase. we know it triggers the termination of the metropolitan police. that led to the author. he said it is right t
Jul 7, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to know about the relationship with a back of trucks. what did they talk about? -- rebecca brooks. >> news international has revealed e-mails. he authorized a huge payments to corrupt police officers. that would seem to constitute a criminal offense. he was a witness in the trial for the scottish politician. tom sheridan past him, did the news of the world's a corrupt police officers? he replied, not to my knowledge. four words but not require extensive explanation. his lawyer called on the police to investigate. >> when the company announced two days ago that he had offered up payments to police officers for information, he told the jury that he has no knowledge of payments to police officers. someone is misleading us. he has to answer a perjury charge and that is very serious. >> news international took the action simply not available to david cameron. faced with a scandal that threatens to infect the whole organization, rupert murdoch has taken a knife to his own awkward flesh. >> an extraordinary moment. the victim of its own hocking scandal. >> they are ending a 168-year- old title. >
Jul 18, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. the chair: under the speaker's policy of january 6, 2007, the chair recognizes mr. brooks from alabama for half of the time, 22 minutes. mr. brooks: america is the greatest nation in the history of the world. we enjoy a standard of living that is envied by most. we are a beacon of freedom by all. have you ever thought about why america is the world's leader? are we just lucky? no. i would submit there are substantive reasons for our greatness. we are blessed today because of the sacrifices of those before us and those who ensured a better future. history shows us that great nations rise and great nations fall, but they rarely fall from without, without first suffering weakness from within. today, the greatest threat to america is not a foreign power. no, america's greatest threat is washington's irresponsible, dangerous and their spending habits. admiral mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, testified before the house armed services committee that america's greatest national security threat is our own sustainable and growing debt burden. it wasn't al qaeda. it wasn't north kor
Jul 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
with mrs. brooks and other news corporation people, was there any mention? >> he asked me to ask the question. perhaps he will now be transferred and as he was counter secretary about all of the context has had. judging the mood of the chamber, this may be on the popular to say, but outside of the west minister bubble and getting the impression that the nation has had its fill on the subject. he's actually getting fed up. it was answered about the corruption, answers about the hacking and answers about the relationship between the press and the media. but this inquiry is under way, and that is where she comes. >> and for that the with your for the summer. he flew home for its dramatic britain even by the standard and the hacking final the last parliament. least for the moment. but did the parliament allow itself to be taken over by a single story? the prime minister argues the response to the packing scandal has shown the parliament at its best, and most particularly labour would actually agree with him. it's very true that the hacking has taken up an awful lot of parliamentary t
Jul 27, 2011 8:00pm EDT
 on tabloids where it is at leas conceivable that andy cole said and rebekah brooks did not know it wxas going on quitexxxx >> i know the don't ask don'tx ask how culture was any part of the culture i was a part of the eiji said, john, a culture that's been in fact did allxx tabloid papers for thex last 2 years.xxxxxxxxxx >> will cut it off it days.xx >> so they "don't ask, don'txx tell" him sure it wasn't something that was fair, but there have alxwaxys xbeen,x "news of the world" in 1977 and there were always sophisticated even then, online staff, veryx sophisticated ways of rexcordi interviews, but not that kind o drastic legality, genuinely itx was a huge surprise tox me.xx i mean, that amount of time.xx not in a period he has in thex right-hand column who has pymasterxxxxxx ways.pp >> so i think this is not thatp ppurepp in short, not the " ask, don'tp tell."ppp >> i thinkp if there is a cult they are come in as a culture that gallopedp away because an have no certainty of this, but i just have a feeling that
Jul 6, 2011 8:00pm EDT
in on president senior fellow at the brookings institution and the walls have not come down. its previously a supreme court correspondent for "the new york times" and the legal commentator for the american lawyer media. he graduated from harvard law school but despite the handicap has done quite well for himself including his outstanding books on the shameful injustice of the duke lacrosse case which he co-wrote with professor casey johnson. insight from that book might be relevant today regarding the failed criminal charges for dominique or pc anthony but hopefully today we will urge
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8